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The DSBJ Group specializes in activities in the field of capital transactions and strategic consulting in key areas of the company's operation, equity and debt financing (corporate finance), building development strategies and financing from EU funds. A special area of the Group's specialization are services in the field of introducing Polish enterprises to the markets of selected countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Sometimes the activities of the DSBJ Group are described as an "advisory boutique", which is to illustrate the approach to cooperation with the client, adhering to the principles of flexibility, completeness and exclusivity.

DSBJ services are supported by legal advice from law firms constantly cooperating with the Group and with leading national statutory auditors.

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Our experience shows that obtaining debt financing is not an easy process at all, and in changing conditions, it often makes it difficult to conduct ongoing operations and plan development strategies. Credit, leasing and bond issuance are all tools that, when properly configured, can be an effective method in the development of a company and increasing its value. We know that the well-identified needs of the Entrepreneur, proper assessment of the possibility of obtaining financing and properly prepared documentation are the factors that determine the effective acquisition of debt financing.

Services provided as part of obtaining debt financing:

• assessment of the possibilities and optimization of the strategy of obtaining debt financing

• identification and selection of financial institutions

• preparation of appropriate documentation: business plan, loan application, leasing application, memorandum, issue prospectus

• conducting negotiations with financial institutions

• post-deal counseling


Acquiring an investor is usually associated with a difficult decision and may also be the most important challenge undertaken by the Owner or the Management Board. We support and support these decisions with both proper analysis of the effects of the transaction and the identification of optional solutions.

We understand that decisions on admitting a partner or entering the stock exchange are strategic decisions. Customers have the opportunity to take advantage of our extensive experience in this area and support at every stage of the process.

Services provided as part of consultancy in obtaining equity financing:

• assessment of the possibilities and optimization of the strategy of obtaining equity financing

• preparation of proper documentation: business plan, memorandum, information document, issue prospectus

• identification and conducting the process of acquiring a financial or strategic (industry) investor

• advising and handling the process of issuing shares in order to debut on the Stock Exchange and NewConnect

• post-deal counseling


By corporate finance, we understand a set of services dedicated to increasing the value of an enterprise, which is essential for its owner.

Having several years of experience in this area, we believe that no transaction is difficult and we will effectively advise the Management Board or Owners in every situation and at every stage of the company's development.

Services provided as part of corporate finance:

• purchase and sale of enterprises

•. management buyouts

• valuation of enterprises and their components

• substantive support after the transaction

• raising funds for development

• development and implementation of a development strategy

• preparing and conducting a debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and NewConnect

• preparing and conducting the due diligence process


Financing the enterprise's development by obtaining EU subsidies is still the most attractive form of support available on the market.

This is a chance to get non-returnable financial support, as opposed to credits or loans.DSBJ provides services in the field of obtaining public funds for private sector entities. The company focuses its activities on innovative entities, investing in their development and aware of the added value of activity in the R&D sphere.


The DSBJ Franchise department deals with a specific type of consulting activity. As you know, franchising (franchising) consists in running an independent business by a franchisee (partner) based on proven business methods developed by the franchisor (organizer). Usually, this formula works well in the so-called a network system, i.e. an organizational form with a separate headquarters and usually field organizational subsidiaries (which are not dependent in terms of ownership).The DSBJ team has an extremely rich and unique experience in the area of franchise creation and development, business systems based on such a formula and supervision over their functioning.

Services provided under this department:

• preparation of the concept system with financial modeling,

• preparation of full system documentation, including an operating book, a book of standards, legal documentation,

• system implementation monitoring,

• preparation of the concept of development financing,

• arrangement of financing,

• for existing systems, carrying out a condition diagnosis, developing changes and monitoring their implementation.


A special service that DSBJ provides for clients is supporting their activities on the Chinese market. This applies to activities related to the import of products and services from China and the launch of Polish entrepreneurs on the local market. The Company's services in this area are provided on the basis of many years of experience, contacts developed over the years and in-depth knowledge of local conditions.DSBJ addresses the service mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises with a stable market position looking for new development opportunities. The company also provides services to enterprises already active on the Chinese market that are looking for additional support.

Services provided as part of the services of introducing Polish enterprises to the markets of selected countries in Europe, Asia and Africa:

• market analysis, feasibility studies,

• identification of business partners,

• support in the implementation of investments,• ongoing monitoring of activities on foreign markets,

• financing of operating and investment activities from domestic and foreign sources,

• consultancy in the implementation of mergers and acquisitions of entities from foreign markets.



Based on many years of experience and local relations, since 2015, DSBJ has launched an original program of customer support in the processes of entering foreign markets in selected countries in Eastern and Central Africa. Under the DSBJ program, it provides a "market entry" type service supplemented with a financial component. The company has a well-developed network of local partners who enable the implementation of even the most complex and interdisciplinary projects.


Dedicated services that are supporting European entrepreneurs in the development of activities in the region of East and Central Africa.

The service consists of support in setting up a local company or launching a representative office, providing a virtual or physical office service in the capital of theRepublic of Uganda - Kampala, recruitment support at all levels, market analysis and matching business partners.


A special area of DSBJ specialization are services in the field of introducing Polish enterprises to the markets of selected countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

DSBJ implements the proprietary AFRICA program - BEYOND THE BORDERS and CEE CLUSTER.


Our team

A graduate and former researcher at the Faculty of Automation, Electronics and InformationTechnology of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, he also studied at the Economic Academy of Katowice and the Banking University of Poznań. After completing his polytechnic studies, he participated in a unique program organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, which concerned the preparation of business plans and feasibility studies for the needs of enterprise development in Central and Eastern Europe.

President of the Management Board

Jerzy Z. Bednarek


He has extensive experience in the development of enterprises and their financing, he has directly participated in over 500 projects in various industries, including in the energy sector (Ekoterm Silesia Ecological Foundation, Rybnik Power Plant, Rybnik Town Hall, Lindley RES), automotive and high tech industry (International Auto Parts Ltd, Klokkerholm Karoserie Diele, Masterform, INWET), ITC (Bank PBK / BPH, wirtuale.pl), financial services (ING Lease Polska, WCL Herbico, Marka), business consulting services (Dom FINCO, Morison Finance Group, Morison International), food processing and production, as well as the sale of FMCG services and products, in which he has been specializing since 1995 ( SPAR Polska, Piotr i Paweł, Mobitel).

Co-founded the Association of Authorized Advisors for the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Member of supervisory boards of production and technology companies. Member of the Audit Committee of the Association of Individual Investors. He has been running his own business since 1992. He speaks fluent English and good German and Russian.

Agnieszka Stiasna



Cyrus Geoffrey Rod

Partner DSBJ Africa Ltd.


Witold Paukszto

Head of Debt Department


Katarzyna Staniszewska

Head of Financial Department



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